Meet The Team

We’re a real mixed bunch at Out of the Box Ideas.

From code addicts to strategic thinkers, it takes a broad range of skills and know-how to deliver top solutions for our clients across the spectrum of web development.

Clifford has been involved in the IT and development arena for the past 15 years. Starting out his career with MWEB Business solutions he rose to the level of Architect. During this time, his knowledge of the systems, and ability to talk through process made him a valuable asset to sales teams who would take him along to close the deals.

Upon leaving MWEB, he formed Out of The Box Ideas where he continues to play a strategic role in the IT and development side of most of our client’s businesses. Outside of work, he enjoys sailing, cycling and keeping fit.

Clifford Redfern: Managing Director

The old toppie of the team, Glen joined OOTBI in 2014 as Projects Director to direct IT strategy and implementation. He gathered most of his 20 years IT experience at the FirstRand group where he played many roles within FNB. Here he learned a little Java, which is not exactly a great help in a Microsoft-Centric environment. His coffee making skills are negligible as he does not drink any.

Give Glen a bicycle as part of a cycle race and he is happy, as long as he does not have to actually race to the finish line. Glen is a skillful motivator and excellent leader who plays an integral part in advancing the OOTBI processes and people. He believes that being fair and consistent is the key to achieving your desired management outcomes.

Glen Botha: Projects Director

Boasting a solid 15+ years’ software development experience on technologies ranging from Java to C#, Mark has an insatiable appetite and passion for finding solutions to problems using cutting edge technologies and sound design principles. When not talking tech and surprising clients with extra features they never even thought to ask for, this die-hard Lions fanatic is a loving husband, doting dad and avid cyclist.

Mark Redfern: Head of Architecture

Thabo helps coordinate, create and optimize all elements of OOTBI’s marketing strategy. He also ensures the outstanding editorial quality of our content. Outside of work, he spends most of his free time listening to Zulu traditional music and watching Newcastle United (that is a South African soccer team from Central KZN), and a worryingly small amount of time being active, running and playing 5-a-side football.

Thabo Bhebhe: Digital Marketing Specialist