Mobile connectivity has changed the way business is conducted, with consumers increasingly using mobile devices instead of physically walking into brick and mortar stores to find goods and services.

This huge increase in the number of connected customers means that your branding efforts are now being viewed via mobile channels, which is why investing in a mobile app can turn out to be a very smart business decision.

Here are 7 ways your business can benefit from having a mobile app:

  1. Improved Accessibility

A website provides customers with a place to visit to get information about your business, products and services. Mobile apps, on the other hand, have the ability to reach a customer base that is already aware of your brand and interested in it. An app makes it easy for customers to access valuable information such as store location, hours, menus and products, even without service, making them a quick and valuable gateway to your business.

  1. Advertise On The Go

Mobile apps let consumers access a customer-friendly place for your business whether from home, commuting or at work. The regular interaction with, and easy accessibility of your app will strengthen your brand help keep you connected with current and potential customers.

  1. Brand Recognition

A mobile app can do a great job in promoting your brand especially within the local market in South Africa. Developing an app for your business will land your business in Android and iOS app stores, resulting in consumers who are searching for the services you offer stumbling upon it and making downloads.

A well developed and user-friendly app will leave a lasting impression on customers and create a solid reputation for your brand.

  1. Increased Customer Engagement

A mobile app provides an all-in-one experience for customers, putting your business right in the palm of their hand. This way, clients can directly receive all the content you put out and easily contact you. The efficient communication provided by an app helps to greatly improve your relationship with consumers.

  1. Better Customer Service

Good mobile app development provides customers with everything they need to know about your product and a quick method of communication with staff. Consumers can make mobile transactions, get notified about offers and announcements, view product reviews, and so much more, all without entering a single store.

  1. Increased Sales and Mobile Transactions

With the advent of services like PayPal and Amazon, online commerce is getting popular. According to Internet Retailer, adopting a mobile-focused marketing approach for 500 companies resulted in an 80% increase in sales, with 42% of mobile sales coming from applications. Investing in mobile app development is therefore important for better sales.

  1. Easier Market Research

Market research is essential to businesses. Mobile apps can quickly and effectively collect consumer data and consumer preferences. This will help you present them with content that they’re interested in, giving them a user experience tailored to their needs.

Out of the Box Ideas has a firm understanding of the application design and development process and can help you maximise the opportunities this exciting media has to offer your business.

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