When browsing the web, you come across dozens of buttons asking you to take an action-whether it’s to buy those designer shoes, subscribe to a newsletter via email or to request a demo for software as a product. These buttons are known as “Call-to-Action” buttons.

Why A Call-To-Action Button Matters
For any online business, the conversion rate of site visitors is of vital importance. And nothing influences that number like the CTA button.

Think of a CTA button, as the doorway through which all your visitors must squeeze before taking any desired action.

It is, therefore, essential to get your “call-to-action” buttons right. And when it comes to CTAs, small changes can make a huge difference.

But how do you get them right? Follow our five tips below, and you could be well on your way to watching the leads and sales start to flow.

  1. Use Persuasive Text
    The text you use on the CTA itself matters a lot. Generic possibilities like “More” will not do much for your click-through rate. Use text that explains what will happen when the user clicks, like “View Dresses”.

Furthermore, make sure the content around your CTA creates enough interest and desire to make users want to click through. Without enough persuasive content, it might be too much to expect users to take action.

  1. Put Them In All The Right Places
    The positioning of the CTA button greatly determines whether it will bring in conversions or not. As a general rule, place at least one CTA near the top of the screen. Some website visitors do not like to scroll down.

On Mobile, put the CTAs in areas that fall naturally to the thumb to make it easier for users to click on the buttons.

Always think about how the eye falls on the page and design accordingly. Be sure to also put a CTA at the bottom of your home page. Interested users may be lazy to scroll back to the top.

  1. Reduce Choices
    Choice overload refers to a cognitive process where people struggle to make a decision when faced with many choices. The phenomenon of choice overload occurs as a result of too many choices being available to consumers, resulting in consumers avoiding making a decision altogether, such as not buying a product.

With your CTAs, putting many buttons suggesting different actions to visitors may create confusion and result in users clicking nothing at all.

Reduce choices to remove the mental burden of choosing which CTA to click.

  1. Make It Stand Out
    Remember, a click on your CTA button is the ultimate desired action on the page. Use a good highlight colour and clear, legible font that catches the eye. Make sure that the contrast between the CTA and the background is clear for buttons to stand out.
  2. Limit The Steps
    Effective CTAs can and should get the job done quickly and easily. You can achieve this by creating a simple conversion path.

For newsletter sign-ups, for instance, you can include a box for email and a ‘Subscribe Now’ button alongside it, eliminating the need for a second screen.

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